ABRA 43 is a polishing water-repellent penetrating protective with a medium color enhancing effect, it is also anti fungus, moisture proof for natural stone, Granite, travertine, agglomerates etc.it is  aimed to protect marbles, granites and natural stones from water and dirt penetration, frost damage and to stop calcareous efflorescence. ABRA 43 offers a high degree of penetration and color enhancing.



Plastic/ Metal



Appearance: Liquid Colorless
Area of Use: Natural stone, Granite, travertine, agglomerates.
Instructions for Use: Surface must be clean and completely dry. apply Abra-43 with paint brush, cotton cloth, mop or low – pressure sprayer on surface evenly. Use the right quantity that the material naturally can absorb, after 15-20 of application wipe off the excess with an absorbent cloth. For very porous material may be necessary to repeat the application one or two times. do not walk on the treated surface 24 hours after treatment.
Packaging Available: 1000ml
Storage and Shelf Life: Keep the container closed and stored in ventilated environment, away from source of heat for the maximum period of 24 months.
Safety Rules: Keep the application area enough ventilated. Keep the tins closed after usage and away from sunlight. Please read carefully safety data sheet before usage.Always test the product before use.
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