Vito Epoxy System BCR 8220(4:1)

Epoxy System BCR 8220 is a dual compound which is solvent free and perfectly transparent with low viscosity and self-leveling for strengthening the Marble. It is very stable with respect to atmospheric agent and UV rays and suitable for exterior. Epoxy system is Ideal for adhesion, sealing, transparency, hardness and smoothing. it is used for filling pin holes and air cracks in the enhance the gloss and protect from stains.



Special for: For heavy pin holes & cracks with slow setting time for beige & dark color marble.
Appearance: Liquid and Transparent
Area of Use: All kind of Marble & Granite
Mixing Ratio: 100:25
Instructions for Use: Clean the surface by removing dust, moisture and dirt. Mix part A and Part B as per given ratio by using a spatula and apply on surface with putty knife and let it dry for 24 hours and continue with further polishing steps.
Packaging Available: 1.25Kg (1 Kg Part A and .250 Gm Part B)
Storage and Shelf Life: Keep the container closed and stored in ventilated environment, away from source of heat for the maximum period of 12 months.
Safety Rules: Keep the application area enough ventilated. Keep the tins closed after usage and away from sunlight. Please read carefully safety data sheet before usage.Always test the product before use.
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