Vito Regal Grey Adhesive

Vito Regal Grey is a cement based adhesive is used for fixing of marble, granite, vitrified, ceramic tiles, on has features like, high strength bonding, waterproof effect, fast settling, it is suitable for both internal and external applications. Vito Regal Grey is suitable for thin and thick bed applications on any settled level surface, including concrete, cement render, brickwork and block work.



Color marble
Instruction for Use All surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust, grease, wax, oil, laitance, curing compounds and all other contaminants likely to prevent the adhesive bonding. Concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 30 days and cement render 8 days prior to tiling. 10 kg of Vito Regal Grey powder requires approximately 2.5 liters of water which produces 7 liters of mixed product. Add a measured amount of clean water into a clean container and sprinkle Era powder slowly into the liquid which constant stirring. Eliminate lumps. Mix to thick toothpaste consistency. Allow standing for 2 minutes then remixing. The adhesive is now ready to use.

Apply the mixed adhesive to the prepared substrate using the appropriate notched trowel for the size of the tile, Marble & Natural Stone being laid. A minimum 3mm thickness for floors must be achieved. Ensure that the bedded tiles are fully supported by the adhesive with no voids underneath or behind. Lay tiles onto the adhesive before it skins. The adhesive may also need to be applied to the back of the tiles to accommodate the required levels. Do not disturb tiles till the adhesive has dried.

Packaging Available: 20 KG Bag
Storage and Shelf Life: Vito Regal Grey has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when kept in a dry store in the original, unopened pack.
Safety Rules: Keep the application area enough ventilated. Keep the tins closed after usage. Please read carefully safety data sheet before usage.Always test the product before use.


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