Vito Wax Liquid


Vito Wax Liquidis a solvent base wax for polished surfaces. It is used to increase the brightness and shining of the surface. Vito Wax Liquidcan be used on marbles, granites, agglomerates, porcelain stoneware. The product is suitable both for manual application and for application on the production line.



Plastic/ Metal



Appearance: Liquid Colorless
Area of Use: Marble and Granite
Production Line Apply the product by means of waxing machine or sprayer. If necessary, even out the product with a brush and after about one minute buff with a pad, brush or fine steel wool pad


Instructions for Use: MANUAL: Apply a very thin and even coat of product by means of a cloth, brush or lamb’s wool. When dry,buff with white pad, cloth, or fine steel wool.
Packaging Available: 1000ml
Storage and Shelf Life: Keep the container closed and stored in ventilated environment, away from source of heat for the maximum period of 24 months.
Safety Rules: Keep the application area enough ventilated. Keep the tins closed after usage and away from sunlight. Please read carefully safety data sheet before usage. Always test the product before use.
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