Vito Solid/Fluid Cream

Vito Solid cream and fluid cream is used for joining & filling medium to large holes in marble & any kind of natural stone recommended for beige color marble. Vito Solid/Fluid Cream is a viscosity and surface tension system specially designed for the Joint of the Marble& Granite. It gives a perfect impregnation of the surfaces to treat producing a great adhesion of the stone.



Appearance Paste and Liquid
Area of Use Marble
Instruction for Use The surface to be worked must be perfectly dry and free from dust and grease. Take required quantity of glue and add catalyst in a 2% ratio for the proper hardening. Mix well and apply the mix by putty knife within 5-10 minutes of mixing. Allow product to work for 3-4 hours for further polishing steps.
Packaging Available: 1000ml
Storage and Shelf Life: Keep the container closed and stored in ventilated environment, away from source of heat for the maximum period of 12 months.
Safety Rules: Keep the application area enough ventilated. Keep the tins closed after usage and away from sunlight. Please read carefully safety data sheet before usage. Always test the product before use.


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