Saf Seal


SAF SEAL is Versaitle product suitable to be used as sealer for protection against the climbing up, with high elasticizing properties, that applied undiluted with a paint – brush on the back of the marble to lay, is very efficacious against the ascending humidity and the climbing up of stains from the support SAF SEAL is highly recommended to be used for laying absorbing, highly porous and light color stone materials such as Carrara White, Botticino, Thassos, Portugal Pink, etc., The adhesion between the materials and the laying bed (concrete mortar or cement powder adhesive) is increased and it is essential in case of old and difficult grounds because it allows a safe adhesion also on pre-treated and water repellent materials; SAF SEAL increases the mechanical properties and improve the elasticity.



Plastic/ Metal



Area of Use: Back Side of Granites, Marbles and Natural Stones
How to Use SAF SEAL is ready -to-use. By paint brush apply the undiluted product on the back of the tile or materials, surface must be cleaned before applying the product, Lay the marble after application of product.
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